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The Isle of Wight Mountain Bike Centre was set up back in 2011 after the island games. The centre is based on Cheverton Farm with woodland, open fields and amazing views. This provides the Isle of Wight with a place where people can go to ride purpose made mountain bike trails. Although the Isle of Wight is displayed as a cycling island there are no mountain bike trails. In September 2017 the centre came under new management as a last attempt to create this vision we have.

We believe we are creating something truly amazing and unique to the UK mountain bike scene and the Isle of Wight. Most trail centres or bike parks are either a distance loop with climbs and descents with one path that runs a certain distance or have one hill/mountain that allows riders to ride down by pushing up or getting an uplift to the top of the hill. We are creating a hybrid of the two using the multiple hills across the farmland. We hope to create two hubs with various downhill options at different difficulty grading that will be from moderate (Blue), Difficult (Red) and Very difficult (Black). This gives people the opportunity to create there own loop catered to there ability and trail preference. We have everything from:

  • Technical trails with wooden roll in’s, roots, tree stumps, loam and more.

  • Jump trails with sizable table tops, shark fin berms, drops and step downs.

  • Flow trails with endless fun corners and rollers to gain speed and have fun on.

What do we have to offer?

Car park, toilets, riders shack, bike wash, accommodation and great trails.

We have two loops available:

Short blue loop (4 km)

The existing 4 km blue loop uses a very small percentage of the farm. It allows you to try your skills a short distance from the main base. The short loop uses the ‘Chevy Chase Hub’ this is where the riders can decide between two trails (blue and red graded) to ride down the hill and back to the start of the loop.

Long red loop (14.5 km) (COMING SOON)

This is a brand new project and will take up a massive percentage of the farms land. This loop will use 2 hubs. This includes technical trails, flow trails and jump trails on the descents. This loop will mostly be build by hand this is done because the red loop is aimed at the advanced riders or someone who is just coming out of being a beginner. We also wish to build this loop by hand so we do not impact on the outstanding natural beauty of the farm.

Pumptrack (COMING SOON)

Pumptracks are a fantastic way for people to gain bike control, develop new skills and are a  great form of fitness. This is something the Isle of Wight does not offer and this is such an amazing way to get people of all ages into cycling as it is on flat ground and it is very easy to progress at your own level and speed.

Dirt Jumps (COMING SOON)

Although dirt jumping is a very difficult form of mountain biking it plays a massive roll in the progression of a rider. It will increase confidence out on the trails and teach people how to ride jumps in a safe manner. The Isle of Wight has no dirt jump spots that are well looked after and cater to all abilities. It is highly important to have well maintained jumps due to the high risk involved with carrying out this form of riding. We believe we can create a fantastic set up at the centre due to our experience with riding and building dirt jumps. Sam Hodgson (co-manager) is a professional dirt jump rider who competes all over the country and the world.

Skills area (COMING SOON)

Possibly one of the most important things in mountain biking is learning new forms of riding and mastering your bike control. This is why we want to create a skills area at the centre. We believe with features such as; skinny wood sections, progressive jumps, berms and drop offs. People will find it easier and quicker to master the bike control and learn the necessary skills so they can use them out on the trails. The idea of the skills area is to have all the features you will find out on the trails in one small area that you can ride loads throughout the day.